The summers are already taking a troll on humans and looks like even it is getting difficult for animals to cop up with the heat waves. To beat the heat and keep the animals hydrated, a civic zoo in Vadodara district of Gujarat are treating animals with ice slabs and giving them a diet that is rich in fruits and glucose. Not only this, but 45 desert coolers and green net have been installed to keep the animals away from the heat. The animals are also being sprayed with water and given anti-stress medicines. Also Read - River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red, Animals Refuse to Enter 'Toxic' Water

Earlier, the temperature touched 44 degree Celsius that led to the death of four sparrows in the last few days in Sayaji Baug Zoo. However, to prevent such incidents in the future, special summer sheds equipped with straws and net have been put up to regulate the temperature of the animal’s enclosures. Also Read - World Animal Day 2020: 10 Quotes on Animals That Will Make You Pause and Think

ANI tweeted, “Arrangements have been made at Ahmedabad’s Kankaria Zoo for animals to beat the heat. 45 desert coolers, green net have been installed. The animals are being sprayed with water, given anti-stress medicines & their diet has been changed in view of the rising temperature.” (sic) Also Read - World Elephant Day 2020: An Urgent Need to Protect And Preserve Our 'Gentle & Giant' Friends

Zoo curator Pratyush Patankar told PTI, “Ice slabs are being kept in the enclosures of bears and water sprinklers are being used to keep all animals cool. To prevent heat-related stress and dehydration, the herbivorous animals are being served watermelon, sugarcane and papaya. The animals are also being given glucose, medicines and vitamins under the supervision of veterinarians.”