A man from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur recently triggered a hilarious memefest after a snap of his video where he was seen chewing gutkha or tobacco during a cricket match went viral on social media. It was the opening day of the first Test between India and New Zealand on Thursday (November 25). The tobacco and pan masala obsession of Kanpur’s people was on full display at Green Park stadium where the man was seen chewing ‘gutkha’ while talking on the phone in the stands.Also Read - Viral Video: Two Snakes Dance in Rain Like Akshay-Katrina in Tip Tip Barsa Pani. WATCH

The hilarious incident was caught on camera after completion of 70 overs. In the viral video, the man was seen talking on the phone with his mouth full of Gutkha when the camera panned onto him. However, before he could notice that he was on camera, the internet had already found its meme material. Also Read - Viral Video: Smart Monkey Uses Jugaad To Get Down From Stairs Quickly, Netizens Are Impressed. WATCH

Netizens were left in splits as they flooded the internet with hilarious memes. Reacting to the viral video, former India cricketer Wasim Jaffer also shared a meme on Twitter. Also Read - Video of Man Chewing Gutkha in Kanpur Stadium Goes Viral, Triggers Hilarious Memes | Watch

The man from the viral memes has now been identified as Shobhit Pandey. Media reports said the man confirmed it was him in the viral meme and video. Pandey went to watch the match with his sister, who is seen sitting beside him in the viral video. He cleared that he wasn’t chewing tobacco, but he was chewing paan supari.

Reports quoted him as saying: “Yes, the picture is mine. I was watching the match with my sister,” Pandey said. “However, I was not chewing tobacco at that time but having betel nut,” he added.

He expressed how happy he was that he went viral and even celebs shared his memes. Pandey also said that he will quit chewing tobacco.

However, he was disappointed by the lewd comments posted about his sister. “People should understand that she is someone’s daughter and sister before passing comments,” he said.

In case you are late to the memefest, here are some of the best memes from Twitter: