In a shocking tale of zoombombing, a hacker streamed child sex abuse footage when about 60 children were participating in a fitness class over video meet app Zoom in Plymouth in southwest England. Also Read - Anonymous Hacktivists Return After George Floyd Murder, 'Expose' Files on Donald Trump's Child Trafficking-Princess Diana's Alleged Killing

The incident occurred when the class was being hosted this week by a sports club in Plymouth, Devon, and suddenly, the young participants were exposed to the “extremely distressing” material, reports BBC. Also Read - Having Sex With Someone From Another Household is Now Illegal in England Under New COVID-19 Laws

According to local police, the hacker which was yet to be identified gained access after the Zoom call’s details were published on online forums. Also Read - 27-Year-Old Indian Developer Finds 'Sign in With Apple' Bug, Paid Over Rs 75 Lakh For His Discovery

“We are working closely with Plymouth Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and I request that, if you have been affected by this, then you come forward and let us know who you are so we can provide the necessary advice and support,” detective officer Lesley Bulley was quoted as saying.

The police officers urged people to understand their device’s security settings.

The NSPCC children’s charity told the media there was a worrying pattern of meetings held on Zoom being “bombed” with images of child sexual abuse.

According to The Guardian, Other Zoom meetings that have been targeted with similar zoombombing include a wine-tasting event in Manchester that left some participants in tears.

Last month, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned people about porn material being popped up during the Zoom video meetings.

The Boston branch of the law enforcement agency said it has received multiple reports of conferences being disrupted by pornographic and/or hate images and threatening language.

In late March, a Massachusetts-based high school reported that while a teacher was conducting an online class using the teleconferencing software Zoom, an unidentified individual(s) dialed into the classroom.