Can you boast of the best specification available on the market with internet connectivity from your car? That may be more a risk than something to be proud of because like computers, moderns cars are also being very smart. They are being controlled with the use of extremely fast processors using thousands of feet of optical cables in some models and the internet connectivity leaves it vulnerable to a hacker controlling your car without your permission. [Read: Vir Das to turn hacker for Plan B] Also Read - Viral Video of Mob Thrashing Traffic Cop Mercilessly in Mysuru Surfaces Online

What do you think will be your experience if the infotainment system started displaying lewd images. You can cover it up and take it to the manufacturer to get the fault in the software fixed, right? What if the hacker decided that your life should be put at risk just because it can be and your brakes are disabled while you are on the highway. What do you do then? Pull the handbrake and risk a spin out or do you give in to the freaky nightmare you just entered? The late editions of Chrysler vehicles and Jeep vehicles have shown vulnerability to such attacks. [Read: Unhackable, unbreakable, waterproof smartphone developed] Also Read - Two Police Personnel Attacked by Nihang Sikhs in Punjab's Tarn Taran Sahib

Charlie Miller, the Security Engineer for Twitter and Chris Valasek, the Director of vehicle Safety Research at IOActive teamed up to run an experiment. They let a friend drive on the highway without telling him what they would do but promised that it won;’t be life threatening. They managed to connect and hack into the car using the internet and started fiddling with things on the car. They start off with turning on the air conditioning but they go on to show just how much they can do completely anonymously. Check out the video below to see how it’s possible. Also Read - 13-Month-Old Gurugram Baby Battling For Life After Minor Domestic Help Brutally Punches Her for Crying