The news of Hantavirus has spread over social media after a man infected with COVID-19 in China died from this virus. Currently, as we write this, hashtag Hantavirus is the top trend and while a lot of the information being shared under this trend is false, what is interesting is how netizens have used this as another opportunity to let their creative juices flow. The trend is filled with memes on the Hantavirus but before we share some of those with you, let us tell you that Hantavirus is different from Coronavirus and it generally spreads among animals, mainly rodents. Also Read - Breaking News: After Coronavirus, Hantavirus Killed a Person in China; Here is All You Need to Know About This Pathogen

It majorly affects rodents and humans are likely to suffer from this syndrome only after getting in direct contact with rodents carrying the Hantavirus. However, like Coronavirus, it also hits the lungs and causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which is a respiratory ailment. There’s no found vaccine, cure or medicine for this virus yet. Also, this is not a new virus. People all over the world, including India, have been affected by Hantavirus in the past. Check these memes now: Also Read - Hantavirus Creates Panic Amongst Netizens After One Person Dies in China, Know All About This Virus

All you basically need to know right now is that there’s no need to freak out from Hantavirus. This virus can’t live in the sunlight and that’s one major reason why human beings are rarely found infected with it.