As children, we have grown up seeing series of cartoon shows. Even today as adults, we love watching our favorite show on YouTube. Don’t you do that? It’s okay to say that you watch cartoons even today! No matter how stressed we are, these cartoon characters bring a big time relief and take us back to our childhood memories. We all have favorite shows and favorite characters too.Also Read - Mumbai Police's Tweet on Covid Safety Norms Features Everyone's Favourite. Any Guesses?

As we celebrate Friendship Day today (August 2), these cartoon characters remind many things to us. Some of us are actually like Tom and Jerry, don’t you agree? It is not necessary that Friends should always be goodie types. Some healthy fights like these cartoon characters are not at all bad to the beautiful relationship of friendship. Here we bring to you 5 cartoon BFFs of all time with whom you could relate as well your bond with your bestie: (ALSO READ: Happy Friendship Day: Best Tweets and pictures to send your friends) Also Read - Gene Deitch Dies at 95: Fans Pay Tribute to The Man Behind Popeye, Tom And Jerry

1. Chip and Dale Also Read - Yuvraj Singh Welcomes Canterbury Kings' Leo Carter to ‘Six Sixes’ Club Using Tom And Jerry Cartoon | SEE POST

These 2 adorable chipmunks Chip and Dale who look alike, are inseparable. They would always stand for each other in any situation. Their friendship did not weaken even though they had lovey-dovey feeling for the same girl. In Rescue Rangers, Chip and Dale apparently fall for Gadget but keep going as they find hard to reveal about their feelings. Don’t we have friends like Chip and Dale who fall in such similar situation?

2. Tom and Jerry

They are one of the popular characters of cartoon shows. Even we keep irritating our friends just like Jerry does with Tom. But how much ever they trouble each other, they are there to rescue one another in case either of the one is in grave problem. This cartoon show just brings smiles to our face when we think of it the fight saga.

 3. Aladdin and Genie

Do you remember the magical Genie? How we used to enjoy making wish like it happened in the show? The 2 good friends Aladdin and Genie were a jovial pair of those days. Genie used to be Aladdin’s savior and a good friend in need. Even we have some set of friends to whom we make promises or some wish, don’t we? We feel great when friends keep up the promise and be with us no matter what.

4. Sylvester and Tweety

We have always seen Sylvester trying to eat Tweety. But when someone else tries the same with cute little yellow canary, Sylvester just rushes to defend Tweety. The love-hatred relationship between Sylvester and Tweety was like a never ending series. But the duo always managed to get along well and so they are another symbol of friendship.

5. Mickey and Donald Duck

Mickey and Donald Duck are best friends. Though Donald Duck is jealous of seeing Mickey gaining fame effortlessly, he still loves Mickey and would always be there for him. They act like friends plus siblings. So, would you risk your life for your friend just like Donald Duck used to do for Mickey? (ALSO READ: Happy Friendship Day 2015 Quotes: Best Friendship Day SMS, Shayari, WhatsApp Messages to Wish Happy Friendship Day greetings!)

These were the ultimate characters from various cartoon series that symbolize true Friendship. So, which character would you and your friend relate to? (Image Credits – Twitter)