It takes every ounce of strength in your body to leave the comfort of your house and go to the gym or do exercise. You do not exactly hate working out (you love the result!) but you need constant motivation to continue working out. One of the best ways to make sure you are going to the gym or working out regularly and reach your fitness goals is to get a gym buddy or workout buddy. Most of the time, you workout buddy is the reason you reach your health goals. You may be working out well along but your buddy will push you to do one more set. Here are some more reasons to have a gym buddy.Also Read - Friendship Day 2021: From Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranbir Kapoor to Ananya Pandey, Know BFF Squads of Bollywood

1. Working out becomes enjoyable

Yes, you can enjoy working out alone but it is different when you do it with your buddy. Working out becomes fun and you start looking forward to it. It will encourage and motivate you to exercise regularly. Also Read - Happy Friendship Day 2021: Messages, WhatsApp Status, Greetings, Quotes, GIFs, SMS to Send Best Friends

2. You can share results and have friendly competitions

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With your gym buddy, you can boast about the number of ab crunches you did and compare the bicep size. You cannot discuss these things with your other friends who do not exercise. You both can also challenge each other while working out. Healthy competition will make you both winners. So, have a gym buddy and burn more calories.

3. He will make sure your form is right

Gym partners
It is not possible for the gym instructors to see that your form is correct every time. Your gym buddy can be your trainer and correct your form while exercising. It is important to have correct form while exercises to prevent injuries.

4. You can try new exercises


A gym can be an intimidating place and your gym buddy will encourage you to try new equipment and exercise routine. It is easier if you have a buddy with you when you join a gym or a Zumba class. Start doing yoga or CrossFit exercises with your buddy. (ALSO SEE 6 reasons why every girl should have a guy best friend).

5. He will support you


Having someone near can make a huge difference when you do a new exercise. Your gym buddy will make sure you are safe and will motivate you to try it out. You need somebody to give you a push while doing some exercises and your gym buddy will be there to help you out.