Every year first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. Your phones buzz with greeting messages and poems about what you and your friend mean to each other. Social media is filled with infinite post dedication and wrists with friendship bands. We all know there are people who are best friends, and then there are good friends and that should be enough.Also Read - Mumbai Police's Tweet on Covid Safety Norms Features Everyone's Favourite. Any Guesses?

Though, there exists nothing such as bad friends. But then there are some whom you know, they are neither your good of friends and nor they are bad of friends. But they do exist. No matter how much we hate to accept it, but our good soul heart doesn’t intend to offend them by asking to stay at a distance. (ALSO READ: 7 types of friends you need in your life) Also Read - Friendship Day 2020 Wishes: Quotes, Status Messages And Greetings You Can Send Your Friends

But this calls for the moment of identification of who these people are. We would certainly recommend you to try and unfriend these and instead of feeling guilty about it feel good that you did it. Also Read - Gene Deitch Dies at 95: Fans Pay Tribute to The Man Behind Popeye, Tom And Jerry

1. ‘Aur Bata?’ or ‘So! What else?’ friend

Yes, they exist in every nook and corner of this world and if you have tracked them, run for your life. If you have shared greetings to each other and the next thing they ask is ‘Aur Bata?’, you know they are the one you have to lock the doors on! Their ‘Aur bata?’ is contagious and apparently you can’t stop it once they have begun. So before you fall for their dreadful ‘weapon of conversation’ you need to save yourself and run for your life.

source: BB ki Vines

2. Spammer friends

This type of friends are dangerous as epidemic. They nest in your friends list only to send you spam posts and messages. Their usual posts would say something like this, “If you see the face of God in sky, hit like and share or you may face bad luck for next few years”. I mean seriously. In reality they are basically people from your neighborhood or school who have never had a conversation with you. Just a humble ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ from your end has given them rights to spam you. You need to walk away on them like you have zero fox to give!

3. “Every little thing I do, I do it for my girlfriend/boyfriend” friend

We all have this one of its kind in our list who will just not have life other than their partner. They breathe on them and they eat on them. They are the people who would just talk about how much they love their partner or what war they are at with their partner. These type of people need some serious help and ofcourse being a good person you have tried the best. Also, you have got yourself dirty in the process so much so that now it is time to get yourself cleansed.  “I don’t care.”, keep these words handy and you will thank us later!

4. “I will never judge you” friend

This one of its kind species amazes you at various intricate levels. They just don’t have a brain or probably a life also. They will always be sweet as sugar to you and that is first drop of hint when you just have to shut the doors on them. But in most cases damage is already done. They are the one whose words are never to be trusted. They will say that they think of you as you think of yourself. However, it is just a matter of few seconds when they will put you down. “Stand” for your sanity. If you know what I mean.

5. The ‘Sure, I will be there’ friend

Yes, while I write this post I am looking forward for the Sunday tommorrow and making plans to explore this new city with a friend of mine. But trust me the moment he said “Sure, I will be there” I dropped the call. I knew he won’t come. A week later he will miracalously pop-up and won’t even remember he ditched the plan. We all have got this one. (ALSO READ: Best Friendship Day SMS, Shayari, WhatsApp Messages to Wish Happy Friendship Day greetings!)

6. The ‘you didn’t invite me’ friend

Yes, these friends are the one complaining about every single thing you do without including them. ‘You went to have pizza without me? Thanks! for going to the movie without me. Oh! So now you went to washroom without telling me?’, they just won’t stop complaining. Its gets as annoying as sensitive they get to your doings. “We are done here.” are the words.

7. The “reviewer and spoiler” friend

Yes, they are critical about everything, even about your happiness. So there is a new movie or a new show out and they would review it for everyone with all the spoilers they can give and just ruin the world for everyone else. Their creativity is not limited to this, but goes on to everything associated to you. Like, your new shoes, clothes, phone and list goes on as far as your eyes can see. They think they run the world, so they will tell you how you just made a mistake getting stuffs. And, then as if that is not enough they will always attack you with, “I would have got it for you at much better discount”. Can we not talk please?

Yes! They exists and they have been around you for so long. It’s your call what you want to do. However, we would like to say that just like you we do not mean any offence to them. They are annoying and they are friends. They happen to best of us and such is life.

What fun is life if Tom doesn’t have Jerry?

We wish all of you a Happy Friendship Day.