Friendship perhaps the best relationship in the whole world. Friends are indespensable in our lives. They are the ones who make our lives colourful by always showing us a good time and also make difficult times easier by sticking around and supporting us. But so animals have BFFs? Also Read - Hair Loss in Women And How to Treat it Well: Dermatologist Geetika Mittal Shares Best Tips

Animals are known to have a developed sense of affection and love towards their younger ones. But do they have other kinds of relationships with other members of the animal kingdom? Do they respond to other animals affection just like humans do? Also Read: Happy Friendship Day 2015: 10 best GIFs on the occasion of friendship day! Also Read - Nia Sharma Trolled For Cutting a Cake Shaped Like Male Genitalia on Her 30th Birthday - Watch Video

In this extremely cute video, you will see proof that animals also enjoy the company of other animals, regardless of their species. You will wildly unlikely bunch of ‘best fwiends’ hanging out together and playing, greeting each other and even cuddling up to their four legged friends of different species! Also Read: Happy Friendship Day 2015: 5 Cartoon BFFs that won millions of hearts Also Read - Rapper Kanye West Urinates on His Grammy Award, Shocking Video Leaves The Internet Stunned

We must warn you though- the video may make your heart squirm and twist for the amount of cuteness in it. You can even challenge your friends to watch the video without audibly saying a long drawn out ‘awwwww’ while they watch it. Trust us, you just won’t be able to resist!