Here comes yet another day of the Valentine Week 2019– the Kiss Day – celebrated on February 13 every year, on Valentine’s Day Eve. On Kiss Day generally, couples show their unconditional love towards each other by giving them a sweet kiss and making the moment memorable. This day comes close on the heels of Promise Day, where people in love make deep commitments to each other. And, they seal the deal with a kiss on February 13! Also Read - Valentine's Day 2020: Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma Party With Friends at Nueva in Delhi (Old Memories)) | WATCH VIDEO

There are different forms of kisses for your lover, including gentle, unique, soft, hard, passionate and affectionate. On the occasion of Kiss Day, you can legally kiss your partner or to be without any hassles! A kiss symbolises love, care, passion and is the sweetest gesture in a relationship. Kiss Day is celebrated across the globe with equal love and passion, but in some countries, it may be banned just like Valentine’s Day. A kiss defines the depth of a relationship and connects two souls forever. The way a person kisses can easily describe his/her personality and overall nature. Also Read - Happy Valentine's Day 2020: Know Here The True Love Story of St Valentine And Julia And All You Need to Know About This Day of Love

We share some of the kinds of kisses with you to help you win over your Valentine! Just remember that while kissing, please be gentle. Here are the various kinds of kisses we know that can help you convey your feelings. Also Read - Valentine's Day 2020: Take a Look at These Hilarious Memes That Are Perfect For Single People

Kiss on the Ear – I’m romantic:

This type of kiss is one of the most passionate kisses ever! A kiss on the ear indicates that he/she is way too romantic and craves desire. During this type of kiss, let your tongue create the magic!

Kiss on the Cheek – We’re Friends

Kissing on the cheeks is generally on the first date and is meant to be a sweet gesture. This kind of kissing is a way to show that you really like someone. This is a cute kiss that perfectly shows that he/she considers you his/her friend. A kiss on the cheek is not just a romantic kiss.

Kiss on the Forehead – Forever You Will Be Mine

A kiss on the forehead completes a relationship. This type of kiss is one of the purest forms of kissing, which shows loyalty and caring, and importantly genuine feelings. If you get this type of kiss, then you are truly blessed. It shows that he/she is comfortable with you and indirectly says that he/she is forever yours. A forehead kiss is soft and full of elegance.

Kiss on the Hand – I Adore You

This type of kiss is usually appreciated by every girlfriend and she secretly wants her boyfriend to kiss her on the hand. It indicates that he adores her and is comfortable with her.

Kiss on the Shoulder – I Want You

This type of kiss shows that you are deeply in love with each other. Kissing on the shoulder triggers one’s feelings and shows that he/she is quite passionate about you. It means that your lover desperately wants you!

Kiss on the Neck – We Belong Together

Kissing on the neck means that your partner belongs to you and will never leave you. This kiss should be known as the kiss of faith and trust. Couples get high on this type of kiss, as it is very stimulating and can lead to passionate love.

Kiss on the Lips – I Love You!

Passionately kissing someone on the lips means you love him/her and want to keep the relationship going. This type of kiss is the most romantic and helps one to express the deepest emotions.

Kiss on the Belly Button – Playful Mood

A unique type of kiss, which can get quite playful and lead to passionate sex. It lets you be naughty!

Kiss on the Body – anywhere: Ahem, Ahem, let’s not get carried away!

This type of kiss can be anywhere on the body. It is sensuous, seductive and strikes perfect chemistry between two lovers. Choose where you want to kiss depending on your partner’s liking!

Kiss on the Foot -Seducing the Partner

This type of kiss is quite romantic, as the lover tries to seduce his partner. A kiss on the foot is soft, gentle and ticklish, leading to passion.

After Kiss Day, comes the day of love, Valentines Day!  It is the day of love and for love. The day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine and is a traditional holiday honouring St Valentine or Valentinus, a Roman priest. The day is celebrated as a tribute to the saint who was martyred in AD 269 and buried on the Via Flaminia. On this day, lovers take the opportunity to express their emotions to each other, plan outings and exchange gifts. But if too much love gets on your nerves, then you could check out the Anti-Valentines Day celebrations, that start on February 15!

Happy Kiss Day!