Valentine’s week 2020 starts today and with Rose Day marking the first day of the love week, we are here to the rescue of all the lovers out there. In case you are not sure of how to express your love or are confused about the significance of the day, we got you covered as we break down for you, in simple words, not just the day’s importance but also elaborate which colour means what to help you choose the right coloured rose for your beloved. Also Read - Taunted by Girlfriend for Not Having a Bike, Delhi Youth Goes on a Bike-Stealing Spree

Celebrated on February 7 of every year, Rose Day marks the first day of the seven-day affair that leads up to Valentine’s Day. Gifting a rose to your love on this day holds a special motive as the gesture hints at and conveys one’s romantic feelings to the other person. Also Read - Shilpa Shetty Kundra Tried For Second Child For Five Years? Opens up About 'Always' Wanting a Daughter

Since different colours of the roses hold different mushy meanings, here is the list you can filter through to sort out for yourself about the current feelings you hold for the person you love and decide the rose you want to gift them today that would speak volumes about your feelings. Also Read - Ankita Konwar-Milind Soman's Date Night Video Redefines Love, Mushiest Thing on Internet Today

White Rose
Meant for new beginnings, the white rose stands for innocence, purity, and charm. They are often considered to be the colour of chastity. White roses are gifted to mark a new beginning.

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Yellow Rose
This marks friendship between two people. Denoting cheer and joy, many consider it as a safe option. Since it can brighten up one’s day easily, it is recommended to be given only to those whom you consider as just friends.

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Pink Rose
Gifting your loved ones a pink rose means you admire them as the colour stands for elegance and grace. You can give hints about admiring a person by gifting them a pink rose today.

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Peach Rose
In case you are wondering which colour rose to gift the person you hold a massive appreciation for, we such a peach coloured rose as it signifies modesty, sincerity, and gratitude.

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Burgundy Rose
While many remain oblivious to this colour of the rose, a burgundy rose represents ‘unconscious beauty’.

Lavender Rose
Quite rare to find, lavender is one of the important colours as it implies love at first sight. If you are wondering how to tell your love about your eagerness to take your relationship forward, we suggest you express it by gifting a lavender rose as it expresses being captivated with feelings of love and adoration.

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Salmon Rose
Another one of those rare colours, a salmon rose stands for desire and excitement.

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Orange Rose
Hinting at your feelings that want to bridge the friendship, an orange rose indicates excitement and enthusiasm. Gifting someone an orange rose means that you are passionate about the relationship as it stands for passion and energy.

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Red Rose
This is the one that indicates love in all forms. Universally, the colour red denotes a sign of love and since the colour stands for love and romance, gifting someone a red rose means you want to express you are head over heels in love with them.

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You can choose the best colour of rose for your partner on Rose Day.