International Women’s Day is celebrated to applaud and appreciate women in different fields all around the world. Women’s Day 2017 falls on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, and has already been widely celebrated with special discounts and offers for Women. Social media has been flooded with stories of women who have made a mark in various fields of life, from Bankers like Arundhati Bhattacharya of State Bank of India to Bollywood superstars like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone; we have applauded the achievements of all these famous women. However, International Women’s Day is not just about celebrating the achievements of those who are famous worldwide or known personalities; there are millions of other women who need to be recognised, appreciated and respected by everyone. As we wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day, here are six women from everyday life who make International Women’s Day all the more special. Also Read - Sidharth Shukla Reveals How His Mother Managed Everything After The Death of His Father in a Heartfelt Women's Day Special Post

1. Your Mother

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International Women’s Day started after millions of women began marching the streets for a nominal pay and started the battle for equality. However, our mothers have been one of the biggest soldiers battling for equality and making contributions that are only highlighted on Mother’s Day. From sacrificing their sleep for managing the house to juggling work, home and their independent wishes, mums are the least appreciated women who have achieved much more in their own special way. This women’s Day, remember to spend some valuable time and have a conversation with your mother instead of sending the clichéd Happy Women’s Day messages. Also Read - ‘Central Govt Scared of Women,’ Says Iltija Mufti on International Women’s Day

2. Your Girlfriend

the girlfriends

Women play a major role in friendship and are often the one who patiently support you. While men need to remember everything that the love of their lives has done for them, the girlfriend in this part also refers to the many female friends that we all have throughout our lives. Girlfriends refer to the female friends who have helped spice up your life and given you some beautiful memories to cherish for life. It is high time we appreciate them for who they are, instead of bullying them with the clichéd jokes.

3. Your Sister


Your sister has always been the one person who constantly motivates you, is it with words or her loving kicks and punches. Your sister has always been there for you, even on days you did not want her. And it is essential to remember and celebrate her achievements on this Women’s Day. How much ever you fight and yell, sisters, will always have your back.

4. Your Female Bestie

your bestie

Your female bestie is your soul sister, the one who gets you even when you don’t. She is the one person who is consistently present in your life and stands by you through the ups and downs. Your female bestie is often behind some of the craziest and adventurous memories that you have. And even though you may not constantly be in touch, it is important to remember her role in your life and thank her for being there!

5. Your Female colleagues

your colleagues

In every workplace you have been, some women are striving to continue the fight that began with International Women’s Day. They are the women who are still fighting to have their opinions heard above the gender bridge and striving to bridge the pay gap.

6. Your Maid

your maid

She is the one woman who will always work hard and make your life better. We often sideline the importance of the maid, who wakes switches off the fan at just the right moment to wake you up. Your maid is often neglected but needs to be appreciated and respected. Your maid is not just someone working just for the money but someone who is contributing to making your life easier and your house cleaner.