Representational Image of Harvard University Students

How good is 76%. Not the score on the marksheet, but the percentage of students who had sex while pursuing their education at Harvard University. The response may vary depending on different cultures. But the fact remains, 24% of students in the Harvard campus remained without sex during their course of study at arguably the most-renowned universities in the world. Also Read - Harvard, MIT File Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Over Visa Row For Foreign Students

According to the survey conducted by the Harvard Crimson, 58% of the students from the batch of 2015 entered Harvard as virgins. 19% of males claimed to have had sex with more than 10 girls, but the numbers reduced greatly as per the admission of the opposite sex. Only seven per cent of the female respondents claimed to have had sex with more than 10 men. Also Read - Want to Lead a Longer Life? Swap Red Meat For Plant Based Protein

However, even the so-called smartest kids on the planet didn’t make the smartest move. 31% of the respondents claimed to have avoided condoms at certain times or at all times. Only 43% of the students admitted to have used condom as protection at all times. Also Read - Common e-cigarette chemical flavourings may impair lung function: Study