The coronavirus outbreak has seen the closure of many schools and offices all over the world, and as the lockdown progresses, staying together under one roof can be a bit challenging, especially for those with kids. But if you think you have it tough with just two or three or maybe even four kids, think about this Costa Rican couple who are in self-isolation with 31 children. Also Read - You Are Country's Economy: Man Showers Flower Petals on Tipplers Waiting in Line to Buy Alcohol

To have to think up activities and take care of such a huge brood is no easy task, but for Costa Rican couple Melba Jimenez and Victor Guzman, who are parents to the 31 adopted children living in their home, it is all about love and responsibility. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

In an interview with Reuters, Jimenez, a retired fashion design worker said, “This is about life or death. We have to take care of ourselves. We have to do it out of love and out of responsibility.” Also Read - After Pillow And Duvet Dress Challenge, Now Shopping Bag Dresses Are All The Rage!

The couple has six children of their own who have all grown up and left home, and over the past four decades, the two have been taking care of around 150 children, the 31 included. The adopted kids are aged between 3 and 25, and thanks to the spacious home they live in with a large yard they all have room to move about.

Taking care of their food, clothes and daily activities can be a daunting task, as 68-year-old Jimenez along with Guzman, a 74-year-old former sales agent, live off their pensions. But neighbours who admire their efforts with the kids have been helping out with food and clothing.

All the children are assigned tasks like sweeping, cooking and housework with the older kids helping the younger ones with their homework. And since they cannot move about freely, one adult is assigned to go to the market to bring back groceries. David Guillen, who is 21, travels by bicycle into town, and he does so wearing his mask and gloves.

The spacious home they live in, is located in San Jose and it had been donated to them anonymously.