New Delhi, Dec. 19: With Indian taste buds luring for new palates, various cuisines from around the world are making their entry in the country. Heading ahead of all the cuisines is the one that comes from Middle East. (ALSO READ: Whey-based beverage can improve your health) Also Read - US Has The Most Powerful Weapons Ever Produced, Says Trump; Hopes He Will Never Have to Use Them

In the bunch full of dishes that this cuisine offers, Middle Eastern sweets are the most demanded thing right now. Briefing the history of the sweet delicacies offered by this cuisine, Foodhall’s corporate chef, Olivier Vincenot said, “The history of Middle Eastern sweets traces back to the time when baking thin layers of dough with expensive nuts, pouring honey over it, was made only during Weddings. And this treat could only be enjoyed by the rich who could afford such a luxury.” Also Read - As Iran Reopens Schools, Students Sit in Plastic Tents to Maintain Social Distancing; Picture Goes Viral

She added, “Baklava, back then, was a status symbol. Its varied layers of baking process and melt-in-the-mouth nutty taste made Baklava one of the exotic highlights at the weddings. The Middle Eastern desserts are usually packed with nuts, such as pistachio, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts and using filo pastry as a casing, making the sweets quite light.” Also Read - Johnson & Johnson to Pull Down Fairness Cream From India And Other Asia-Middle East Markets Amid Black Lives Matter Protests

Olivier further said that the most popular Middle Eastern Sweet is Baklava that was developed during the Ottoman Empire. It is a nut filled crunchy pastry that is usually served in small gateaux sizes and the spice syrup poured over it makes this delicacy irresistible.

When asked how Middle Eastern delicacies differ from the dishes that are offered by other cuisines, the Chef said, “The art of preparing these sweets is the biggest differentiation. Making these handmade delights require tremendous skill which other cuisines do not offer.” So, the next time you have a sweet tooth, head to Middle East for some delicate delicacies IMAGE CREDITS- TWITTER