An unverified and undated video of a girl walking dangerously on the ledge of a high-rise building is going viral on social media, terrifying users. The exact location of the video is not known but some people are saying it is from Hiranandani Meadows in Thane. Also Read - A Bride Runs For Life During Wedding Photoshoot While Migrant Woman Saves Child: Viral Videos Show Horror of Beirut Blast | Watch

However, another section of users has claimed that it is from Chennai, while some say that is from Gurgaon. Anyhow, the video is going viral on social media channels and is also being shared widely on WhatsApp.

A user named Tanmay Shinde shared the video and complained to Thane police to look into the matter. He wrote ”@ThaneCityPolice Hie sir you can see 1 girl is walking on the small patch outside area of her building. This is supposed to be Hiranandani Meadows thane. You can clearly hear in that video the person is saying she is doing for 3rd time. Please note this.”

Watch it here:

Meanwhile, some other users have claimed that the act is sort of Dare Challenge among the kids and that parents need to be aware of what’s happening and be alert.

While the veracity and authenticity of the video are not yet known, it is advisable to not indulge in such reckless acts and stop others from participating in it. If you are a parent, be extra mindful of what your children are doing and monitor their activities.