Idlib: A sharp and piercing noise such as a falling bomb is sure to send kids into a frenzy of fear but not this 4-year-old Syrian girl ! Now whenever, Salwa hears the sound of bombs or missiles, she laughs out loud instead of crying, unlike other children. Also Read - 19 Killed, Including 13 Civilians in Multiple Airstrikes in Syria

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Due to the Syrian civil war, Salwa’s family was forced to flee their home in Saraqib and are now living at Sarmada, a town in Idlib province, which experiences constant explosions. To help her daughter cope with fear of war, Salwa’s father Abdullah Al-Mohammad decided to come up with a laughing game. So, every time a bomb falls, he pretends the noise is a firework or toy gun, and encourages her daughter to laugh so that she doesn’t feel scared.

In a video footage of the duo that has gone viral, the father and daughter are seen laughing with his daughter as the sound of an apparent explosion is heard in the distance.

A journalist shared the video with the caption, ”What a sad world, To distract 4-year old Selva, her father Abdullah has made up a game. Each time a bomb drops in Idlib #Syria, they laugh, so she doesn’t get scared”.

In the video, Mohammad can be heard asking his daughter: “Is this a jet or a bomb?” Salwa responds: “A bomb … When it comes we will laugh.”

When an explosion is heard, she responds with laughter and Mohammad asks her if the sound made her laugh.

“Yes it is funny,” she answers.

“I decided to teach Salwa this game to prevent her psychological state from collapsing. So as to not be affected by diseases relating to fear. She is a child who does not understand war,” Al-Mohammad told Sky News.