‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ is a phrase we have often heard, but onions served as a form of revenge is something new. The form of revenge emerged during an incident that took place in China, involving a woman and her former boyfriend.Also Read - In a First, Man Found Guilty of Dealing Drugs Handed Death Sentence Via Zoom Call in Singapore

As per a story in Daily Mail, the woman, who was heartbroken because her boyfriend cheated on her, decided to punish him by sending him a tonne of onions. The reason behind her sending the onions to him was because she wanted him to cry as much as she did after they broke up. Also Read - Man Creates Cuddle Curtain to Hug His Grandmom During COVID-19 Pandemic, Earns Praise From Anand Mahindra

According to the local press, the woman, known only by her surname as Zhao, was seeing the man for over a year, and when he dumped her, she was left devastated. She also became furious after she came to know that her ex-boyfriend did not shed a tear after they broke up, while she spent three days crying. Also Read - Coronavirus May Have Silently Existed in China as Early as Last October, Says Study

To get even with him, she ordered a tonne of red onions to be delivered to his doorstep with a note stating, “I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.”

A clip of the incident made its way to social media, whereby a delivery truck loaded with onions could be seen at a residential compound in Zibo, Shandong of eastern China. The woman had also given the delivery firm strict instructions to not contact the man and just dump the onions at the front door.

In her interaction with the local press, the woman said the reason she sent the onions to her ex-boyfriend’s home was so that he too would cry as much as she did.