In a shocking episode of rats in a hospital, a more gruesome incident came to light as a hospital in Agra refused medical aid to its cancer patient after her toe was nibbled off by the rodent. 40-year-old Sakshi Khandelwal was at the SN Medical College in Agra and was reportedly in “agonizing” pain. Also Read - COVID-19 Weekly Wrap | Nearly 50,000 Cases Reported in India in Last 7 Days; Experts Blame Lockdown Relaxations

Wincing since the past four days, when her husband Indra Khandelwal pulled off her blanket on Tuesday, he found her left foot in a pool of blood with a part of the toe missing. In an interview with a leading news agency, Indra shared his misery saying, “Her sample was collected for testing of COVID-19. The report was negative. No doctor came to attend to my wife and no radiotherapy was given to her. After four days of admission, staffers just provided oxygen support to my wife when she was having difficulty in breathing. When I found that her toe had been bitten off by rats, the hospital did not even provide first aid. I had to go out and buy a bandage and ointment.” Also Read - COVID-19 Vaccine Will Bring Cricket Back to Normal, Says Sourav Ganguly

Despite her poor health, Sakshi was “forcibly” discharged from the hospital. While the medical college administration could not be traced for comment, it was learnt that the patient was discharged instead of being treated. Also Read - Better Late Than Never! Maharashtra, Karnataka Make Chewing, Spitting Tobacco Punishable Offence

Residents of Loha Mandi area, the Khandelwals shared that Sakshi was diagnosed with cancer in June 2019. As the facility, where she was getting treatment from a cancer specialist in New Agra area, was closed due to the ongoing lockdown, the family members took her to SN Medical College when her health deteriorated on April 28.

A video, showing her bleeding foot with her husband’s desperate calls for help in the backdrop, went viral on Tuesday afternoon.

Prabhu N Singh, District Magistrate told the reporters, “I have seen the video of the patient and her husband. I am inquiring about it from the SN Medical College administration. Suitable action will be taken against the guilty and the patient will be provided required treatment.”