Chennai: Needless to say, Covid-19 has threatened the daily lives and incomes of millions of families around the country, who are left helpless. However, in times of crisis like this, many noble souls have risen to the occasion with their selfless acts for fellow Indians. Also Read - Chennai Containment List: Despite Dip in COVID Cases, Contained Areas Rise From 158 to 276 | Check Here

In one such heartwarming gesture, two cops in Chennai got together to collect Rs 5 lakh for the open-heart surgery of a five-year-old girl Kavishka, who has born with a serious heart condition. Unfortunately, the girl’s father Karthik, lost his job as an electronic salesman, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was unable to procure the money for the surgery.

Thankfully, Nandambakkam head constable P Senthil Kumar and police inspector M Thangaraj stepped in and arranged the amount for her open-heart surgery in a private hospital.

“Just before the lockdown, in February, the doctors had advised Karthik that his girl child should go for an angiogram, but I heard that he was planning to postpone it since he did not have the money. My wife and I convinced Karthik to go for the angiogram and donated Rs 30,000,” P Senthil Kumar told The New Indian Express.

In addition, the duo collected Rs 45,000 from all the personnel in the station, Rs 1.25 lakh through a government welfare scheme, and another Rs 3 lakh through other sponsors.

With the required funds, Kavishka was one month ago for the surgery, which reportedly lasted for seven hours, and was in ICU for 15 days. She was in the general ward for another 15 days and was then discharged on July 11.

Inspector Thangaraj expressed happiness at the development and hoped that others come forward and help those in need too.