Aurangabad: Bringing life to a standstill, the menace of coronavirus hasn’t spared anyone and the risks increase manifold when a pregnant woman contracts the virus. In case a Covid-19 woman delivers a baby, doctors have to execute the painful task of separating them to ensure that the mother doesn’t transmit the disease to her newborn. And the separation is indeed agonizing for a mother who has waited for so long to hold her baby in her arms! Also Read - Bengaluru Dentist Saves Life of Woman Labourer & Her Newborn Child, Hailed on Social Media

In one such similar case, a COVID-19 woman gave birth to a healthy baby at Aurganabad Civil Hospital in Maharashtra on April 18, however they had to be kept in different wards to minimize the risk of the baby getting infected.

“On April 18, the baby was born by caesarean section and tested negative,” said Aurangabad Civil Surgeon Dr. Sunder Kulkarni.

However, the staff was kind enough to arrange a video call between the mother and her new born baby, as she was not able to see her child.

These emotional pictures have gone viral on the internet, with netizens empathizing with the mother and wishing for their reunion soon.

“I am imagining the emotional plight of the mother who can’t hold her baby in her hands. But this is was such a sweet gesture,” commented a user.

Hope they are reunited soon!