Kollam: During the coronavirus-induced lockdown, jackfruit dishes find a prominent place on the food tables of Malayalees. And in Kollam, a family in Edamulakkal village was surprised to find a mammoth jackfruit weighing more than 50 kilogram in their backyard.Also Read - Real-Life Rapunzel: Meet Akanksha Yadav, Woman With India's Longest Hair That Measures Over 9 Feet | Watch

They have now approached Guinness World Records as the world record for the heaviest jackfruit is 42.7 kilogram. Also Read - 112-Year-Old Great-Grandfather From Spain Certified As World's Oldest Living Man by Guinness World Records | Watch

Johnkutty from Edamulakkal said that the jackfruit weighs more than 51.4 kilogram and is 97 CM in length. Also Read - Man Grows 839 Cherry Tomatoes from a Single Stem, Makes World Record

“When I searched, I found that the heaviest jackfruit weighs 42.72 kg and was found in Pune. So, I have applied for Guinness World Records and also the Limca Book of Records, ” he said.

The Guinness World Records lists the world records of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.