Heels have almost become a norm at workplaces today. It is an unspoken rule to wear at your workplace today. The work place could be a corporate office or a less formal setting like a work related party or a pub. Heels are an integral part of any female actor’s fashion wardrobe. There is a constant pressure on women at all work places to look glamorous, presentable and ‘fit in the crowd’. Heels are set to symbolize it but they also come with their share of major side effects including back pain, weak knees, sprained ankles, blisters, ingrown toenails, Athlete’s foot and calf muscles among others. We give you some easy tips to ease your heel woes.Also Read - Viral Video: Girl Does a Cartwheel While Wearing a Skirt & High Heels, Internet Says 'Wow' | Watch

1. Wear heels only when necessary  Also Read - 'Shocking Sexism': Outrage in Ukraine After Female Soldiers Forced to Parade in Heels, Twitter Appalled

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Wear your heels only if it is absolutely necessary to wear. This is the most thing to remember. You need not wear heels all the time just only when it is mandatory to wear like some important office presentation or some party. Rest stay cool in your flats or sandals. (ALSO READ: Quick tips & tricks to remember before you buy shoes)

2. Carry a spare

Always carry an extra pair of shoes and preferably keeping the occasion in mind. For example you can wear sport shoes for travel as it makes walking/running around easy. You can wear flats or flip-flops when in office as it makes you look good and comfortable and slip on your stilettos when you have an occasion. Remember your feet matter the most.

3. Massage

Massage works wonders on your body and so does on your legs and feet. Indulge in some relaxing massage once in a while. You can go for a professional foot massage or spa treatment or just warm some water in a small tub, put some sea salts in it and some good creams/lotions and just soak your feet in it. The warm water and salts will relax your feet and the creams/lotions will soften your heels and clean your feet. Try it.

4. Choose your heels

Choose your pair of heels. Remember you are no supermodel and need not wear stilettos at all. You can opt for heels with a wider base or heels shorter in inches. Cat heels or wedges should do the trick. They are equally stylish and more relaxing as compared to pointed heels.

5. Extra cushion

Use an extra cushion inside to pad up your feet. The extra cushion could be in the form of some stuffed cotton to soothe the sole of your feet. This will not only comfort you but also avoid problems related to your feet.

6. Remember toes

Most of the times when people buy a pair of heels they decide on the basis of the length of the heels or how they fit them. But people do not take notice of their toes. People choose heels that press their toes tightly not letting it breathe. Remember to choose heels that allow your toes to space out and breathe.

7. Always try them

Always do a trial. When buying heels try them and walk around for some time. This will ensure that you are making the right buying choice. The ideal time to purchase shows is evening as your feet tend to swell at the end of the day.