Jamshedpur: Not many know, July 16 is celebrated as ‘World Snake Day’ every day to raise awareness about the different types of snake species and the important role they play in maintaining ecological balance. However, one such celebration in Jamshedpur turned bizarre as a group of snake catchers celebrated the day by cutting a cake and forcibly tried to feed it to snakes. Also Read - Nag Panchami 2020: When is it Celebrated And What is The Significance of Worshipping Snakes

A video of the act has gone viral on social media, in which a woman with a team of snake rescuers is seen cutting a chocolate cake and then offering it to the reptiles.

”Yeh cake khaskar saanpo ke liye hai isiliye humne unhe pehle cake khiyala. Saanpo ne bhi humara samman rakha aur unhone us cake ko khaya,” the woman says in the video.

As the video started doing the rounds on Twitter, many users slammed the rescuers for their ignorance and insensitivity and dubbed the act as stupid.

This team of snake catchers protects the locals from the five venomous snakes found in the city including Common Krait, Banded Krait, and Viper.

Notably, there are over 3,458 species of snakes in the world of which only around 600 are venomous. These reptiles face threats from illegal poaching, habitat destruction, disease, over-harvesting, and even climate change.