April 7: There was Doordarshan and then there are the news channels of today. Now, even I’m not fond of all of those, ‘only 90s kids will remember this’ posts that we see all over Facebook and other social media, but here I’m going to make an exception and say, only 90s kids will connect to this one the most! (Forgive me, just this once plis!)Also Read - House Of The Dragon Teaser Out: Game of Thrones Spin-Off Is All About Fire, Dragons, Blood

Remember the time when we used to have much more sober news anchors? Back when we had limited options of news and people used actually preferred watching news in a serious and calm manner, rather than sifting it through all the noise. We used to have two news anchors talking in an extremely monotonous voice and delivering news as if they had the worst job in the world. Also Read: Game of Thrones Season 6 New Promo: Death will reign supreme, come April 24th! Also Read - Viral Video: Rajinikanth's Look Alike Tries to Pull Off Stunt But Fails Miserably, Video Will Crack You Up | Watch

Being (the cool) 90s kid, I miss the sobriety of that time and as much as I enjoy the irreverence of the current times, and this why this Doordarshan-esque review of the Game of Thrones season 6 trailer by Pun Seekh Kebab, is cracking me up so much. Sobriety and chaste language are the two things that are most remotely related with Game of Thrones. This is why the contrast in this news bulletin will send you rolling on the floor laughing! Watch out for the descriptions of Jon Snow (jon Barfeele), Tyrion Lannister (Ameero ke Liliputiyan) and others. Also Read - This Hilarious Technique to Trap & Kill Mosquitoes Will Make You Laugh Out Loud | See Tweet

Also, watch till the end. They sort of reveal who gets to sit on the iron throne too.. Doordarshan ishtyle!