July 25: What is the best way to kill a fish you want to eat? You first cut it’s head out and then clean it’s guts and then scale it. After that you cook it well with lots of flavours and spices and voila! your fish is ready to be consumed. But is it dead yet? Also Read - Hair Loss in Women And How to Treat it Well: Dermatologist Geetika Mittal Shares Best Tips

A dead fish suddenly coming alive and starting to do a tango on your dinner table is certainly the last thing that you expect it to do. I’m sure you will be horrified beyond imagination, not to mention lose your appetite for fish forever. Also Read: SCARY! Three men get their eyes tattooed! Also Read - Nia Sharma Trolled For Cutting a Cake Shaped Like Male Genitalia on Her 30th Birthday - Watch Video

This supposedly dead fish with a decapitated head, lying in the sink and a guts completely cleaned out of it, can still move! Not just that, it tries to attack the lady who is trying to scale it for cooking. How is this possible? Well it seems that there’s a pretty simple explanation for all the movements and the dancing around that the fish showcases. Also Read: Horrific! Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson has something to show that is not for the faint hearted (Watch video) Also Read - Rapper Kanye West Urinates on His Grammy Award, Shocking Video Leaves The Internet Stunned

Even after the head and the guts have been removed from the body, the muscles store residual energy, which manifests itself in the form of these jerky movements. There! Now that you have a logical explanation of what the hell is going on, you can probably watch this video without getting creeped out. Or not.

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