Sometimes tragedy strikes at what could have been the happiest moment of one’s life. This is what happened to Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, Peterson Pinheiro, Nayla Cristina Neves and Udirley Damasceno of Sao Paulo Brazil. Rosemere do Nascimento Silva was about to wed Udirley Damasceno and she wanted to make a grand entry to her wedding with her brother Peterson Pinheiro in a helicopter. However, what happened was not something anyone had foreseen. A tragic and horrifying video of the helicopter crash shows the happy bride along with her brother who was also the pilot of the chopper and a photographer Nayla Cristina Neves, on her way to the wedding in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. Also Read - 'Kareena, Anushka Ka Bhi Baccha Ho Gaya': Video Hilariously Shows How Married Women Are Pressurised To Have Kids | Watch

Rosemere do Nascimento died along with her brother Peterson Pinheiro  and a photographer Nayla Cristina Neves in the helicopter crash in December last year. The 32-year-old bride’s fiancé, Udirley Damasceno, was left standing at the altar waiting for his bride unaware of the fatal air crash. The heartbreaking footage of the moment have now surface online by the news channel G1 Official as part of the investigation into the crash. In the video, the bride looks happy and excited as she looks out of the video. However, moments later an alarm can be heard in the background and the video soon begins to shake leading to the passengers screaming in panic. The camera soon gets smashed to the ground but continues to record. Police are now speculating that the chopper might have hit a tree during rain, fog and cloud due to bad visibility. 15-year-old Teenager Marries 73-year-old Woman In Indonesia, Couple Threatened Suicide If Not Allowed To Marry Also Read - Ghost Video: Baby Gets 'Pulled Under The Bed' by Ghost, Dad Shares Horrifying Footage | Watch

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Carlos Eduardo Batista, one of the organizers of the wedding told Brazilian media Globo: “All brides have a dream and hers was to arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing.” The accident was discovered when the helicopter did not arrive at a nearby football field. Upon enquiry it was learnt that the helicopter did take off on its planned journey and should have reached within 15 minutes. They were later told that a plane had crashed nearby but nobody thought it to be the same helicopter. The groom went into shock when he was told the sad news by the pastor at the altar.

The Robinson 44 helicopter had crashed about a mile from the wedding venue in a wooded forest area near a main road. About eight fire engines rushed to the scene of the accident but the passengers could not be saved. The pilot was Peterson Pinheiro, the brother of the bride, Silvano Nascimento da Silva and a pregnant photographer called Nayla Cristina Neves.