New Delhi:  Not just on earth, you are soon going to experience stay in hotel in outer space as well. With facilities like restaurants, health spa, cinema, gyms, libraries, concert venues, and earth-viewing lounges, you will also get bars and other luxuries in the hotel and will have an out-of-the-world experience in the hotel.

According to Daily Mail, the hotel is being constructed by the group Orbital Assembly and the company is planning to begin building Voyager Station in low Earth orbit in 2025, and believes its interstellar resort may be operational as soon as 2027.

Apart from all luxurious facilities, the hotel will also have individual pods attached to a rotating wheel, with tubes connecting the different areas forming an X, as if the wheel’s axle. According to reports, the hotel will have rooms for 400 people and crew quarters, air, water and power will also be available in the spaceship. The company in a statement said that the construction on the Voyager Station will begin in 2025 and will be operational by 2027.

In the statement, the company also stated that it is eyeing to find permanent stakeholders government agencies looking to use the space as a training centre. More interesting part of the hotel is that it will circle the globe every 90 minutes and people can also buy one of the 20×12 metre modules for a private villa or modules to create a hotel with spa.

According to reports, the space station will be a large circle and rotate to generate artificial gravity that will be set at a similar level to the gravity found on the surface of the Moon. However, the company has not yet revealed the cost of construction of the hotel.

Reports further claimed that a robot by the name of STAR (Structure Trust Assembly Robot) is set to build the Voyager’s frame in orbit once the company completes some gravity-related testing.