Ottawa: Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau conducted a press conference to talk about the Covid-19 preparedness in his country, however, one particular moment has caught the internet’s eye, and netizens can’t stop swooning over it! Also Read - Uttar Pradesh Govt Takes BIG Decision For Pregnant Women, Disabled Employees. Details Here

It all happened when during the speech, Trudeau had some strands of hair fall in front of his eyes, which he quickly flipped away with the back of his hand. But, the crush-worthy moment couldn’t escape the eyes of social media and pretty soon, slow-motion videos of Trudeau flipping his hair started doing the rounds on social media. Also Read - Rajasthan Royals Pacer Chetan Sakariya's Father Passes Away Due to COVID-19

The original video, edited by Jason Hanson, has amassed more than 5 million views, and is equally going viral on Twitter and Instagram. Also Read - What is Black Fungus And Can it Cause Death?

Check out the video here:

While some internet users said he was the ”hottest PM in the world”, others opined that he should start a career in movies now.

Trudeau, who has been working from home, routinely addresses members of the press from his cottage in Ottawa.  During this particular briefing, he announced the complete sealing of the USA Canada border during his brief on the current situation of lockdown in the country.