Beijing: A rather weird and shocking incident was witnessed in China’s Jiangsu during a wedding ceremony on March 31–something that you might have not have heard before! Hours before the bride and groom were about to get married, the couple was stunned to discover that they are actually brother and sister. The weirdness unfolded when the boy’s mother happened to spot a birthmark on her future daughter-in-law and was taken aback. Turns out that the girl was actually her own daughter, who had gone missing 20 years back.Also Read - 'Dulhan Mil Gayi': UP's Azim Mansoori Finally Gets His Bride, To Get Married in 2022 | Details Here

After spotting the birthmark, the woman burst into tears and then confronted the bride’s parents who confirmed that the girl was actually adopted. They told her that they found the girl on a roadside and adopted her as their daughter. After this revelation, the girl clung to her birth mother and began to cry frantically. Needless to say, she was extremely elated to find her real parents and said that this reunion made her more happy than the marriage itself.

Another twist

However, despite the BIG revelation, the wedding wasn’t called off! Because another massive twist in the story came when it was revealed that the groom was also adopted and the bride’s real mother had no objection to this marriage. Notably, after frantically searching for her daughter 20 years back, the woman had adopted the boy.

After all the twists and drama subsided, the woman’s adopted son and her real daughter got married! The guests present at the wedding also became very emotional upon hearing the story and congratulated the mother-daughter.

Ever heard such a weird wedding story?