New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday apologised for the unprecedented 21-day nationwide lockdown in his monthly radio program ‘Mann ki Baat’, and said that harsh steps had to be taken to curb the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease from spreading in the country. Also Read - PM Modi Thanks Akshay Kumar For Donating Rs 25 Crore to Fight Against Coronavirus

Answering a question on how the prime minister stays fit during the lockdown, PM Modi said he will soon upload a couple of his videos on the social media platforms. Also Read - Mann ki Baat: I Know You Would Forgive me, PM Modi Apologises For Lockdown

“As regards fitness, I think that will be quite a lengthy topic, so I will upload some videos on it on social media. You can surely see those videos on NamoApp,” he answered.

To encourage people to stay fit during the lockdown, he also advised people to practice Yoga and take up old hobbies such as gardening, music.

“But do remember that I am not a fitness expert, I am also not a Yoga teacher. I am merely a practitioner. I do concede, however, that some Yogasanas have greatly benefited me. It is possible that some of these tips might help you too during the lockdown,” added.

Further, he also spoke on the ritual of fasting during Navratris and said, “As far as Navratri fast is concerned, that is between me and my faith and supreme power.”