With ‘work from home’ being the new normal, seems people have gotten too comfortable with the new setup, often landing themselves in embarrassing situations. The recent example of it is a South Sudan diplomat in the United States who is being widely criticised after he was caught urinating during a Facebook live session.Also Read - Embarrassing! Businessman Accidentally Appears Naked on Zoom Call With Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro

In the video, South Sudan’s deputy ambassador to the U.S. Gordon Buay, was seen walking to the bathroom wearing only a shirt and relieving himself, in full view of all other panelists.

The video has been taken down by the organizers on YouTube, but a clip of the embarrassing act has gone viral on the internet. Many social media users have called the incident as ‘shameful’, calling on Buay to step down.

Here are other reactions:

Political analyst James Okuk of the Center for Strategic Studies in Juba said that ‘Buay’s behaviour tarnished the image of South Sudan and immediate disciplinary action should be taken against him.

“Such kind of behaviour in line with diplomatic ethics has not happened anywhere in the history of international relations. So it is really shameful and is tainting the image of South Sudan and it should not be taken lightly in Juba,” Okuk told South Sudan in Focus.

However, the diplomat later alleged that the video was fake and wrote in a Facebook post that the footage had been doctored.