Understanding a girl’s mind is a difficult task or rather it’s impossible. This cliché by some douche bag has been doing round in a loop forever. And based on the misogynistic school of thoughts is this Youtube video released by Your Indian Bro titled – How Indian Girls MANIPULATE Guys! Well, it is everything apparently all the boyfriends in India go through at the hands of their bitchy, manipulative girlfriends at least once in their lifetime. Yes, the video is so relatable. *sarcasm*. Also Watch: Being Indian exaggerates again while mocking typical Indian girlfriend. Also Read - YouTube Star James Charles Admits Messaging Minors, Says 'My Actions Were Wrong, I Apologise'

So the video starts with how a girl dumps her nice and caring boyfriend for a bada** guy or also because she is bore and tired of the love and care. Moving on from the no-reason dumping to getting back to him in six months time is the crux of this video. It tells you how to get your ex-boyfriend back by making him look guilty and live the rest of your life on his money. Duhh uhh. Also: What if women’s roles as sex objects in movies were played by men? Also Read - YouTube is Experimenting with Hiding Dislikes in Response to Creator Feedback

So what do the girls have to do? Firstly, make him distract – start crying and let him console you. Secondly, start babytalking (okay, this is hilarious part of the video). Thirdly, make him horny – talk about boobs and all that. Fourthly, lie as much as you can. And if all this fails, then fifth step will surely come to handy – Get breasts implants. Like seriously!! Also Read - Twitter to Allow Watching YouTube Videos Without Leaving App