Search engines and tradition sexologists are flooded with queries over, how many times one should masturbate, followed by pros and cons of masturbation. A lot of conjectures are associated with masturbation or self-gratification. But new research, Harvard University study has linked masturbation and ejaculating a key reason to reduce prostate cancer. According to the study conducted, ejaculation for at least 21 times a month will cut down on developing the dangerous cancer. These findings were made after comparing the results of men who ejaculated four to seven times a month. Fighting off prostate cancer needs a man to achieve orgasm irrespective of sex or masturbation. 5 Masturbation Myths That You Need To Stop Believing RIGHT NOW!Also Read - Can Prostate Cancer Treatment Have an Adverse Impact on Men?

A research paper published in European Urology has claimed masturbation having positive effects on the body. It helps in fighting off the deadly commonly occurring cancer type in males, prostate cancer. Despite not specifying on how ejaculation protects against prostate cancer, the earlier done research suggests it helps to rid the gland of cancer-causing substances and infections. Ejaculation is also helpful in easing inflammation, another known cause of cancer. Masturbation in office? According to a survey 39 percent people say they indulge in the act at their workplace! Also Read - Men, Forget Your Razors & Flaunt Your Beards As No-Shave November is Here | Know How to Participate

The study was conducted during a time period of 18 years on healthy 31,925 male participants aged 20-to-29, 40-to-49. They assessed the monthly ejaculation frequency with ejaculation defined broadly and could be as a result of sex or masturbation. The research team found in their study about the number of sexual climaxes needed per month by a person to steer clear of developing the prostate cancer. The researchers wrote about their findings, ‘We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.’ Also Read - UP Police Officer Who Was Arrested For Masturbating Before Woman Complainant, Now Terminated

This is not the first time when masturbation has been credited to as a health beneficial process for an individual. A report out of Australia some years back claimed that men who masturbated five times a day were only third as likely to develop prostate cancer. Being hard and ejaculating is a natural and healthy way of living. Becoming hard is associated with the prevention of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Ejaculation is linked to upping good hormones such as oxytocin to boost mood and also increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for regulating and maintain one’s immunity in the small doses.