Accidents Also Read - MP Woman Axes 8-month-old Son to Death, says 'Baby was a Goat, Sent Him where he Belongs'

Death is an unpredictable phenomenon that can strike at any odd moment. It’s like magic; one moment you are enjoying the thrills of life and the other the soul is just plucked off; rendering the body lifeless. Often we have seen some scenes in movies where people are shown to luckily escape death from situations like they are left to die in a pig slaughter machine or when the wing of helicopter stops right in front of your precious parts or the neck. Also Read - Death by Selfie: Teenaged Boy Comes in Contact with High-tension Wires While Taking Selfie Atop Goods Train

But miracles are often witnessed and a few lucky ones have a protective charm or a guardian angel protecting them from death. Here is a compilation of various such incidents across several countries. The video has garnered nearly 15 million views since it was uploaded earlier this month. From Policemen, children to men/women, to cats and dogs, the GoPro camera or other video recording device captures people evade death by the blink of an eye. At first it appears like the person could have suffered a horrific accident but has come out unscathed from the incident. Also Read - Man Nearly Dies After Drinking 5 Litres of Water Everyday Believing it Would 'Cure' His Covid Symptoms

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