Do you have trouble sticking to your diet as you have a sweet tooth and can’t stay away from a big dollop of ice cream? Well, who needs a genie in a lamp anymore when all you need is this simple hack! Your wishes have practically come true in form of this simply fabulous health hack. Now you can whip up a tasty yet healthy ice cream on your own. Also Read - Ayurvedic Tips to Follow Amidst Bird Flu Outbreak to Keep The Disease at Bay

The DIY healthy banana ice cream does not contain any preservatives. So there is no dairy, no sugar. Enough said, now start making this healthy banana ice cream and indulge in some guilt free snacking! Also Read - Dragon Fruit Benefits: 5 Amazing Health Benefits of This Bright Pink Fruit

All you need for this DIY recipe: four sliced and frozen bananas, sugar-free peanut butter and cocoa powder. you will love this utterly delicious healthy ice cream which takes not more than a couple of minutes to prepare. but to be prepared within minutes with only three ingredients! Indulge in some guilt-free gluttony! Also Read - Colorectal Cancer: A Simple, Cheap Test Can Help Potentially Save Lives, Suggests Research