The advent of social media has in reality killed the personal and social skills of people. Often among youngsters these days emotions and expressions are best expressed via the virtual world. Here is a funny take by Durex condoms of how foreplay will happen in the future. It is all the more hilarious when you realise the overboard advertisement is very close to reality. Also Read - Hathras Gangrape: 'Sex Is a Natural Urge in Men', Says Markandey Katju; Blames Unemployment For Rising Rape Cases | Slammed For Bizarre Logic

Today, breakups and linkups are a common feature via social networking sites on the virtual world. Slowly started the age of sending emoticons as kisses. So it won’t be too far when applications are developed to even have sex and foreplay via internet in the future. Also Read - Eww! Cops Bust a Factory in Vietnam Which Used to Sell Used Condoms After Washing Them

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