New Delhi: Needless to say, India’s migrant workers have been hit the worst due to the coronavirus lockdown and recent unfortunate events have only intensified the migrant crisis. Also Read - Migrant Worker, Cycling Back to Bihar From Delhi, Dies After Being Hit by Car in Lucknow

Meanwhile, Twitterati too stood in solidarity with the stranded migrants all over the country and launched the #MeTooMigrant, which trended all over the weekend. However, the exercise which began as a way to empathize with the poor, however, ended up mocking them and their struggles.

Basically, under #MeTooMigrant, a bunch of elite and privileged individuals started sharing their stories of migration and how they moved cities for jobs and higher education.

So get this: All these people, sitting in the comforts of their homes, with access to basic necessities, while typing out this ignorant and insensitive hashtag from their smartphones, feel that they are the same as migrant workers!

Sample this tweet:

Journalist Rohini Singh said, “I am a migrant too. I left Lucknow long back for college in Delhi and have been here since. Your story? #MeTooMigrant.”

Soon, others joined in and shared similar stories, conveniently trivializing the struggles of the underprivileged, while making the issue completely about themselves. It’s just appalling how these people can compare themselves to migrant workers who have been forced to live in sub-human life conditions, with the now added misery of the lockdown.

Check out these tweets:

Thankfully, another bunch of people soon started to call out this dehumanizing hashtag, while shedding light on the great economic divide that exists in this country.

While it’s not technically wrong to call yourself a migrant if you have left your home for another city, equating your situation to that of the poor who are walking thousands of miles every day just to reach their homes, is just vile and insulting.

We might have our share of struggles, but if we have a roof on our heads, food on our plates, a job and family to support us, we certainly can’t compare our situations to the daily trials and tribulations that these workers suffer, just to earn a meager salary.

Here are some reactions:

All in all, it’s amusing to see how even in such times of crisis, self-centered people like them are trying to gather sympathy or victim points, while being totally obvious to the actual reality.

We hope some sense is drilled in these privileged brains because such blatant disrespect for the struggles of these migrant workers is simply not acceptable. Stop the narcissism, please!

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