Karachi: In a video that is melting the hearts of people online, two robbers who had a change of heart,  returned valuables to a food delivery man, from whom they were trying to steal. Not only that, the robbers also comforted and hugged the delivery boy after he broke down into tears. Also Read - Robbers stumble after looting Rs 40 lakh from ATM, people flee with money scrambled on road

The incident captured on CCTV shows the delivery boy can be seen returning to his bike after delivering the package following which two robbers approach him on another bike with an intention to steal.

Realizing that he has been robbed, the delivery person breaks into tears, which causes the robbers to have a change of heart and they proceed to return the package they stole from him.

They even hug him and shake hands with him before leaving. Watch it here:

The video has left people in awe and many were moved by the robbers’ sense of compassion and empathy. Many believed that the prevailing COVID-19 situation must have compelled robbers to take such a step, but still they had some humanity left within them.

One user wrote, “A strong message that humanity does exits somewhere inside us but circumstances have compelled us to go in the wrong direction.”

Another commented, ”A small act of kindness has moved us to tears. This tells a lot about the kind of toxic environment we live in. Little things make a big difference. Humanity is what will save us. Act kindly.”