We know how difficult it is to force yourself out of bed on a rainy, cold morning! While watching the rain drops falling, all you want is to curl up in the bed with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee while being in your own little world. But damn, duty calls and reality strikes when you realise you have to do the whole 9-5 rigmarole. However, once in a while, it’s okay to take a self-planned leave and pamper yourself in this pleasant and rainy weather.Also Read - Parts of Delhi Witness Heavy Rains, Hailstorm; No Cold Wave Predicted For Today

Here is a look at a few reasonable excuses to skip work, in case you are unable to come up with something on your own:

1. Can’t find any Ola/Uber or any other public transport

People who don’t have their own vehicles and depend on public transport can unfold this extremely plausible excuse to demand a leave. With rains delaying everything, you can cook up an excuse about the non-availability of any autos/cabs for hours and also complain about the exorbitant surge pricing of cabs.

2. Have cold and fever

Yes, it’s cliched but still works. Catching a flu/cold when it rains is extremely common, so it makes perfect sense, right? To add a little authenticity, call up your boss and try to talk in a deep nasal tone while talking, topped with occasional sneezing and coughing. No boss would be willing to call a sick employee to office at the risk of infecting others. Keep it natural though and practice with a friend/partner first! 😀

3. Streets and lanes are flooded

We know how public drainage systems in India are, and it’s okay to blame them, given how much they routinely trouble us. So, go ahead and tell your boss how your lanes and streets are flooded, making it impossible for you to get out of that mess. We are sure no one will ask you to swim through it!

4. Your house is a watery mess 

This might be a little far-fetched but again, totally possible. This time, blame it all on the poor structure of your house and how the rains have exposed all its vulnerabilities. You can complain how water has flown in your drawing room through your balcony and how your walls are leaking. All this requires immediate attention lest you want your house to be ruined completely. A broken boiler or a flooded bathroom can also work as an excuse. We are sure your boss will understand the urgency!

5. You fell on the slippery staircase 

Call up your boss and tell him/her that you had all the intention of reaching office on time despite rains. But, oops, in all the hurry, you slipped on a wet staircase while it was still raining and had a fall.

(Disclaimer: This is a humour-based article and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Try these at your own risk! )