Hyderabad: A Kuchipudi dancer from Hyderabad is earning praises all over social media for donating her head full of long hair for the cause of cancer patients. We are all aware of the fact that cancer patients lose their hair due to radiation and chemotherapy and hence, this dancer, Sravya Manasa Bhogireddy, came forward to do her part and donated her hair for such people. Also Read - Looks Like NTA Has Another Test Called Joint Patience Exam: Delayed JEE Mains Result 2021 Sparks Meme Fest on Twitter

Apart from being a trained professional dancer, Sravya is a master in performing arts after B.Tech and M.Tech, and a Phd degree in dance from University of Hyderabad. After she donated her hair, Sravya took to social media network Facebook and posted a picture of her with bald head and wrote, “Say hello to the Cuter Version of me. For the self and thought it will benefit somebody. Donated to Hyderabad Hair Donation. PS: Whoever said ‘Beauty lies in the hair’ was so wrong. Isn’t it cuter this way!!!” Also Read - Sari Naris: These Women Have Found a Unique Way to Promote Their Brand and We are Loving it | Watch

After seeing her photo with a shaven head today, social media users were shocked by her new look, but at the same time they also applauded her efforts and the lengths she is going to for the cause. Also Read - Meet Ramdas Bodke, the Man Who Survives on Eating Stones Every Day for Past 32 Years| Watch Viral Video

Sravya donated her hair to a non-profit hair donation organization named Hyderabad Hair donation who later thanked her and said, “Being a Classical Dancer it is very difficult to shave and donate hair for cancer patients. Kudos to your efforts for helping cancer patients who are going under chemotherapy.” The organisation distributes and donates wigs and free hair to those who have lost their hair to chemotherapy due to cancer. And, every day at least 40 to 50 people donate their hair to this organization.

As per reports, Sravya said that she donated her hair because she imagined how painful it is for the cancer patients who did not have hair at all due to their ongoing treatment.

Sravya, a resident of Hyderabad’s Motinagar, is well known not only as a classical dancer but also as a dubbing artist.