Hyderabad: A paan shop vendor in Hyderabad was arrested by Excise Police on Saturday for selling ganja (marijuana) chocolates at his shop. According to local reports, Jayanath Pradhan, the 41-year-old paan shop vendor from Fateh Nagar, Hyderabad, was nabbed by Excise Police and around 228 flavoured ganja chocolates were recovered. Also Read - Get Paid to Smoke Weed! This American Company Will Pay You $3,000 A Month to Review Cannabis Products

The case was uncovered after the police conducted a raid at his shop following a tip-off. When Pradhan was questioned by the police, he revealed that the chocolates were made by another man who allegedly sold them to several paan vendors between Fateh Nagar and Sanath Nagar road. Also Read - On a High: Mike Tyson Spends Around Rs 28 Lakh on Weed Every Month!

Describing the modus operandi, the vendor revealed that the drug peddlers used to churn marijuana into a fine powder and then mixed it with chocolate powder. Also Read - Republic Day Parade to Have 30 Facial Recognition Cameras to Weed Out Terrorists

“The ganja would already be converted into a fine powder and mixed with chocolate powder, jaggery, and other materials to make it a semi-solid toffee that could be swallowed,” the official was quoted as saying by The News Minute.

Jeevan Kiran, Balanagar Prohibition and Excise Station inspector, said that the vendors do not have a permit to sell such substances in the city.

“Since the last two years, peddlers are finding new ways to sell banned drugs. But the excise department is maintaining a strict vigil,” said the Assistant Excise Superintendent.