Hyderabad, April 16: At a time when people are frantically searching for fans and ACs, and women avoiding kitchen to escape from the scorching heat, there are some who are making the best use of it. A women came up with a bizarre idea to use sun’s heat for cooking but without solar panels, thereby saving energy. She simply cooked an omelet in her verandah without any utensil or oven. Also Read - TRS MLA Nomula Narsimhaiah Passes Away Due to Heart Attack

Sounds amazing, but its true. A woman in Telangana’s capital Hyderabad came up with an idea that she could use her verandah for cooking omelet in the 43 degree Celsius. Though it might surprise some, but the heat in Telangana and particularly in Deccan Plateau rose to 43 degree Celsius and is unbearable. People are deriving new ways to make themselves busy and trying out everything to forget about the heat. ALSO READ: Heatwave: 5 reasons why you should befriend cucumber this summer Also Read - Hyderabad Will be Free of 'Nizam Culture', Promises Amit Shah if BJP Voted to Power

At some places people are even closing their shops in the afternoon and some are planning not to venture outside, even if there is some important work pending. But this lady, captured in the camera of Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, fried an omelet and that too without a pan, gas or a chulha. The woman came out with a battered egg and spread it on the verandah like a dosa. And in just 30 seconds that omelet was ready, fully cooked. With her act, she proved that for any new innovation one don’t need expensive equipments and degrees, what they need is use of creativity with it practical implementation. Also Read - Farmers' Protests Not Political, Would Never Say That: Home Minister Amit Shah in Hyderabad

Now, as there will be more to follow the suit and praise the woman for her creative thinking, we would still feel that please do not consume this cooked food as it won’t be hygienic. But, as we do not want to spoil the entertainment for you, here is the video for you.