New Delhi: As violent protests continue to rage across America over George Floyd’s murder, the anti-racism sentiment has considerably grown in India too, with social media inundated with posts condemning the injustice and horrific police violence.Also Read - Twitter Changes Logo to Black, Updates Bio to #BlackLivesMatter to Protest George Floyd's Killing

However, many people have pointed out that the outpouring of Indian support for George Floyd is hypocritical as the same people whose hearts are bleeding now, maintained a stoic silence over communal violence against lower castes, mob lynchings, and cases of police brutality in their own country.

In the recent past, India has seen a spate of violent incidents namely hate crimes, police brutality against students, communal violence during 2020 Delhi riots, discrimination against Dalits, Muslims, and people from the North East.

However, those incidents didn’t trigger the amount of anger, outrage, and trending hashtags as George Floyd’s murder did.

Calling out their hypocrisy and a fake sense of empathy, people on social media took a dig at Indians for showing concern for American lives and #BlackLivesMatter movement, while being allegedly indifferent to Indians who are victimised on a daily basis.

One user wrote, ”Those very privileged Indians are now crying about racism in US, they were completely silent when religious fanatics killed minorities in India in the name of religion and race.”

A barrage of such comments has flooded Twitter mocking these ‘conscientious’ Indians. Check them out:

Meanwhile, many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Disha Patani, and others also spoke about racism and urged people to demand justice, however, netizens were not impressed.

They pointed out how on the one hand, celebrities endorse fairness creams in India, while on the other hand criticize racism in the West. Fairness creams that contribute to setting unrealistic beauty standards, continue to be endorsed by them, which sends the wrong message in society.

Many also slammed celebrities for not speaking up when similar cases of violence, religious intolerance and casteism arise in India.

African-American man George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in Minnesota state when a police officer kneeled on his neck after pinning him to the ground. An official autopsy released Monday ruled that Floyd, died in a homicide involving “neck compression”.

His death has sparked massive protests across the US with the deteriorating law and order situation forcing the government to impose curfew in around 40 cities to maintain law and order.