Our world is full of traditions and cultures that are very diverse from one another, and it’s not always that we get to showcase them. We can not often greet people the way we usually would do in our own country, and normally a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Bye’ would involve a handshake. Well, India’s outgoing Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, decided to do it the Indian way when he bade farewell UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during a virtual meeting with a “Namaste”. Also Read - SCO’s Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure Useful Mechanism For Coordinated Action Against Terrorism: Syed Akbaruddin

In the video, Akbaruddin can be heard telling the UN chief, “Before I leave Secretary General, I have one last small request and that is in the Indian tradition, when we leave or when we meet, we don’t stay hello or shake hand but we say Namaste. So before I end I want to say Namaste to you and I hope if you can reciprocate.” Adding, “I bow out with a Namaste to you.” Also Read - Syed Akbaruddin Hailed as 'Hero' Following His Media Address After UNSC Meet on Kashmir | See Posts

Akbaruddin shared the video of his interaction with Guterres on his Twitter page, with the latter seen responding to the former with Namaste. The clip has so far been retweeted over 9k times and garnered over 51k likes. Also Read - Cricket is Symbol of 'Hope For Treasure' for Afghan People: India's UN Permanent Representative Syed Akbaruddin

Many also tweeted their thanks to Akbaruddin for his service as India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, with most saying that he will be missed at the UN.

Akbaruddin had assumed office as India’s envoy to the UN in January 2016, and now he will be replaced by diplomat TS Tirumurti, who is currently serving as Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.