Nagpur: In a heartbreaking incident, an 85-year-old man sacrificed his own life to save a 40-year-old man by vacating his hospital bed, even when the doctors strictly warned him against it. Identified as Narayan Dabhalkar, the elderly man voluntarily walked of a Nagpur hospital so that he could save the younger patient’s life. However, he died at his home on Monday.Also Read - Video: Families of Covid Patients Cry, Beg Noida CMO For Remdesivir, Touch His Feet In Desperation | Watch

According to Times of India, Dabhalkar got admitted to Indira Gandhi government hospital in Nagpur on April 22 with acute Covid 19 symptoms and low oxygen levels. However, only after a couple of hours, he opted for a discharge against medical advice and decided to go home. The reason? While he was at the hospital, he saw a woman crying and begging to get her 40-year-old husband admitted. Even his kids were crying. With an aim to help him, Dabhalkar vacated his bed so that a much younger person’s life could be saved.

“I am 85. I have lived my life. Saving the life of a young man is more important. Their children are young…please give my bed to them,” he told the doctors, as reported by India Today.

Despite the doctors’ suggestion that treatment is necessary, he stuck to his decision and died three days after he was brought home.

“My father said he would prefer to spend his last moments with us rather than the hospital. He also told us about the young patient. I have already lived my life and would rather leave it to fate instead of blocking a bed for two-three days at the cost of a younger patient’, his daughter Aasawari told TOI.

Notably, Dabhalkar was an employee of the state government’s department of statistics, and also an active member of the RSS.