Washington: Amid rising cases of the deadly coronavirus worldwide, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday joked about how he misses touching his face following various health advisories. Also Read - Indian Student in Dubai Contracts Coronavirus From Parent Who Went Overseas, 27th Confirmed Case in UAE

Trump said that it has been ‘weeks’ since he touched his face as a precaution against the coronavirus  and that it was something that he “misses”. Also Read - Coronavirus: First Clinic to Screen Indians in Iran Expected to be Ready by Evening, Says Jaishankar

The President made the comment at the White House during a meeting to discuss the coronavirus with the heads of the country’s main airlines, including Southwest, United, American and JetBlue. Watch the video: Also Read - That is up to People to Believe or Not, Says Venkaiah Naidu in Rajya Sabha on Coronavirus-Gaumutra Link

“I haven’t touched my face in weeks,” he said. “I miss it.”

Soon after Trump made this comment, Twitter users were quick to post pictures of the President, where he was seen touching his face in various ways over the past weeks and also made jokes:

To combat the virus, doctors and health professionals recommend avoiding sick people, not touching your face, staying home when sick, covering coughs and sneezes and disinfecting objects and surfaces.

As per reports, 11 people have died in USA from causes related to the virus and about 150 have been diagnosed with it.

The World Health Organization reported Wednesday that 93,090 coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide, with the majority in China where the outbreak first originated.