As a student, one should aspire to score good marks, however, it is important to remember that that school grades don’t define you and marks don’t decide your future. To emphasise the same and boost the morale of students amid the result season, an IAS officer shared a tweet to instil hope and inspiration to students disappointed with their scores. Also Read - Uncanny! Identical Twin Sisters From Noida Score Identical Marks in CBSE Class 12 Exams, Both Get 95.8%

Nitin Sangwan, Deputy Municipal Commissioner with Ahmedabad, took to Twitter to share his old Class 12 CBSE mark sheet from 2002, when he had just cleared the pass mark in Chemistry. Also Read - Retired IAS Officer Posts His Nude Images in WhatsApp Group, Lands in Trouble

Sangwan shared that he just got 24 marks in Chemistry to motivate students and parents, and not to get disheartened with the results. Also Read - Mumbai Police Shares Chemistry's Periodic Table-Elon Musk's Son's Name as Lockdown Awareness Puzzles For Netizens

He wrote, ”In my 12th exams, I got 24 marks in Chemistry – just 1 mark above passing marks. But that didn’t decide what I wanted from my life Don’t bog down kids with the burden of marks Life is much more than board results Let results be an opportunity for introspection & not for criticism.”

Responding to his tweet, Manish Sisodia wrote, ”Very powerful and much-needed message from IAS officer@nitinsangwan on a day when marks obtained are making families happy or sad. Life is about confidence and courage, marks in one exam can’t be a guarantee for success or failure.”

His tweet has now gone viral, with netizens appreciating him for the important message.

When he was asked if he is emphasising that marks are not important, he said, ”I am not glorifying poor marks. Marks system remains an objective way of evaluation, but should not become an obsession. That was the point, dear.”

An IIT Madras alumnus, Nitin Sangwan had cleared the civil services exam in 2015 and served as an Indian Revenue Services (IRS) before being posted as the Deputy Municipal Commissioner and CEO of Ahmedabad.