Imagine the movie characters Ram aur Shyam marrying Sita aur Geeta in real life, wouldn’t that ensure a whole load of confusion and chaos? Well, in a real-life situation two pairs of twins have married each other and their wedding pictures will make you rub your eyes as it looks as if a newlywed pair is standing in front of a mirror. Their wedding picture is raising a storm on the internet and will definitely make you think that you’re seeing double. In China’s Heilongjiang province a pair of twin brothers tied the knot with a pair of twin sisters. The twins are identical and even have names that sound pretty similar. As reported by the Shanghaiist, the twin brother’s names are Zheng Dashuang and Zheng Xiaoshuang whereas the sisters are named Liang Jing and Liang Qing. The video from their wedding has gone viral on social media. Also Read - Viral Video: Lion Tries To Hunt Buffalo But Gets A Dhobhipachhad From His Friend | Watch

The two pairs of twins married at the same venue in a joint wedding ceremony in the Chinese city of Daqing. The wedding took place on December 3, 2017. The pictures and videos posted in China which has gone viral shows the twins “twinning” as they are dressed in identical outfits. The 23-year-old sister-brides wore sweeping white gowns, veils and an identical bouquet of flowers whereas the 26-year-old brothers wore black tuxedos with red bow ties and caps. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Wedding Album: View All the Pictures From Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi and Marriage Rituals Also Read - Mera Workload Mat Badhao: 'Yamraj' Walks on Streets of Moradabad, Urges People to Wear Mask | Watch

Watch video of the two twin couples here:

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According to People’s Daily China the newlyweds’ fathers are business partners and the two families have been friends for nearly a decade. Their mother played matchmaker and got the twins married. Now, it remains to be seen whether holy matrimony makes them figure out the differences between their spouses and their twin or will it be a case of mistaken identity.