Never did Edward Anderson know that one food tweet of his could rile up the majority of South Indians. Well, he should have seen it coming because he called the popular south Indian food ‘boring’ and offended desi Twitter greatly! Also Read - 'Modi Idlis' to be Sold In Tamil Nadu's Salem At Rs 10 A Plate As BJP Launches Publicity Drive

It all started when the Indian food delivery portal Zomato asked a simple question on Twitter. “What’s that one dish you could never understand why people like soo much?” Zomato asked on the microblogging site.

Edward Anderson, a United Kingdom-based Professor of History and expert in India-Britain studies, tweeted saying, “Idli are the most boring things in the world.”

Well, as obvious as it was, South Indians flocked to Twitter to call out Anderson’s poor taste in food and defended idli.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s son Ishan Tharoor also joined in and jokingly wrote that Anderson’s views on idli might be the “most offensive take” on Twitter.

Responding to his son’s tweet, Shashi Tharoor in his classy style wrote, ”Yes, my son, there are some who are truly challenged in this world. Civilisation is hard to acquire: the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every mortal. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what Life can be.”

After a flurry of tweets attacking him, Anderson responded by saying that he loves dosa and appam.

He tweeted, “Before the whole of south India attacks me, can I just say that I love dosa and appam and basically all south Indian food. But idli (and puttu for that matter) are insufferable.”

To pacify the offended minds, Anderson went ahead and ordered a plate of Idli for himself. Hope Indians can forgive him!